Multiplier event of STARTUP project in the Mladinski center Gornja Radgona

  • Domenica, 19 Giugno 2016 00:00

Presentation of the STARTUP Platform. The multiplier event for the presentation STARTUP platform was held in Gornja Radgona, Slovenia on the 17th June 2016. The objective of the event was to present the STARTUP project and the online platform to participants at the event.

14 participants attended the event: students, young self-employed entrepreneurs, members of local youth organizations and employees of different companies who are interested to start their own business. Participants got familiar with the STARTUP project and the platform. They got the chance to enroll on the STARTUP platform and test it on the spot. The event was also an opportunity for participants to meet Tine from STEP Institute and ask him additional questions about entrepreneurship, start-ups and developing business ideas. Tine also shortly presented each topic and section on the platform. The event was also an opportunity to present the work of Youth Centre Gornja Radgona and the relevant projects.


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