Intellectual outputs


    The study analysis includes data for each partner country, focusing on each region and dealing with issues such as the unemployment in different age groups, the type of employment, the professions in greatest demand, the creation of new business, people’s engagement of each region with activities related to entrepreneurship, the gap in education, the absence of incentives for young entrepreneurs.

    The data derived from questionnaires distributed to the target groups. The main research method of IO1 is the questionnaire START-UP skills, developed between December 2014 and January 2015, with the contribution of all project partners.

    The results of the study were used to determine the development strategy and the design of the training material for the trainers (train the trainers), along with the one for the entrepreneurs, in the two following Intellectual Outputs.

    Study Analysis


    Web Platform

    For the purposes of implementing and diffusion of the STARTUP project, the STARTUP online platform (web platform) was created. The web platform provides a range of services. It provides e-learning services, where all relevant educational material is uploaded, the material concerning the training of the trainees, the future entrepreneurs, through the classes concerning entrepreneurship and the creation of a startup. The platform contains lectures and handbook in electronic form, recommended readings, and video lectures related to the topic.


    The STARTUP PATHS concern all the methodology and educational material developed to promote the concept of entrepreneurship and the creation of startup companies.

    The STARTUP PATHS is not just a course, but it is a methodology that includes:


    Training material aimed at training trainers (train the trainer) on how to instruct the future entrepreneurs in the concept and the development stages of entrepreneurship.


    Courses geared to those concerned, mostly future entrepreneurs, on how to create a startup with the fewest possible resources and the product or service design orientated to the needs of the future buyer. The produced training material can be found in the form of courses in the STARTUP platform. Below the educational material can be found in the form of the Handbook.

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Training activity in Barcelona, Spain | 28 Oct 2015 - 1 Nov 2015

Train the trainers activity in Spain | 14 - 22 Sept 2015

1st Multiplier Event | 22 April 2015


2nd Transnational Project Meeting of STARTUP Project | 19-22 April 2015


Kick-off meeting | 3-4 Dec 2014