The consortium counts on actors related to entrepreneurship, and more specifically in universities, public institutions, private institutions and training providers.



Developmental Center of Thessaly (Greece)

Developmental Center of Thessaly (AKETH-DCT) is a Vocational Educational Center and Developmental center, acting towards the enhancement of employability and addressing broader social challenges. Furthermore, it focuses on increasing the competitiveness and growth of small and medium enterprises, offering youth and adults career opportunities through their participation in different training programs.

Role in the Project: AKETH-DCT is the project coordinator that oversees all activities and operations and provides support at the fundamental parts of the project.


logos SPEGC CabildoGC

Sociedad de Promocion Economica de Gran Canaria (Spain)

Sociedad de Promocion Economica de Gran Canaria (SPEGC) is a municipal enterprise, responsible for the economic development and promotion of the Canary Islands, promotes and coordinates all the entrepreneurial initiatives in the region. It has created a training program for new entrepreneurs, which support the development of their business ideas in their incubator, INCUBE.

Role in the Project: SPEGC will mainly be responsible to investigate and find the right training methodology and educational material, according to the needs and the results which will emerge from a prior study analysis and furthermore it will be responsible for the on-site training of trainers of each partner organization. 



INOVAMAIS - Servicos De Consultadoria Em Inovacao Tecnologica S.A.(Portugal)

INOVA + is a private consulting company, pioneer in managing international programs in innovation, education, training, research and development. INOVA+ has a newly-built incubator to support startups in their early stages.

Role in the project: INOVA+ uses innovative tools for the assessment procedures for each project and will therefore take on the evaluation and exploitation part among other common tasks. 


STEP Institute LOGO

STEP Institut, zavod za psihologijo dela in podjetnistvo (Slovenia)

STEP Institute is an organization consisting of experts in sociology, communication, psychology, marketing, entrepreneurship and qualitative and quantitative research.

Role in the Project: STEP will investigate the current situation concerning entrepreneurship and startups in all countries involved and provide the data that will help build the training methodology. 


Logo UPM 2

University Petru Maior of Targu Mures (Romania)

UNIVERSITATEA PETRU MAIOR Is a public University and an important liaison between research and the business sector. It offers short courses targeting to upgrade students skills, for introduction into the labor market and it is the main foundation of human resources development and higher education in the region.

Role in the Project: It will contribute to the development and validation of training material, identification of the training methodology and research for the Study Analysis.



Governorship of Istanbul (Turkey)

The Governorship of Istanbul is the regional government of Istanbul having under its authority all the sub-governments of the region, as the supreme governing body.

Role in the Project: GOI cooperates with institutions of all kinds, therefore their work will greatly help in the promotion and dissemination of the project. Due to its active participation in many types of programs it has the experience and expertise to assist in the monitoring, evaluation and sustainability of the project.



Associazione TDM 2000 (Italy)

TDM 2000 is a non-profit organization that has been implementing programs for 14 years, in the field of youth. It has a very large network of partners, which was created through the initiative of TDM 2000 International.

Role in the Project: Due to its experience in visibility and dissemination activities, it will undertake the task of dissemination and diffusion of project results.