Project’s idea background

The idea that made the “STARTUP” project exist is linked to some observation and needs shared by the partners and the territories where they operate. The big talk about startup enterprises and entrepreneurship that the past years is filling the web and the news shows how much this topic is felt by the general public. It is a phenomena that is spread all over Europe linked to economic crisis and often presented as the “recipe” against it. We believe that the project can actually be part of the recipe and we decided to propose some of the components to those that would like to join this expanding community. The startup ecosystem is vibrant all over Europe but mainly in major urban centers. It is observed that the provinces have less such initiatives, but the need for promotion of entrepreneurship and the startup concept remains elevated. Therefore, the project aspires to help understanding the new elements of entrepreneurship in all areas involved by making all interested parts familiar with the concepts of startups and innovation.

The partners involved, chosen because of the different expertise that they can bring to the project, will work together to find a comprehensive training methodology to teach entrepreneurship, including activities such as “train the trainers”, train future entrepreneurs and other supporting activities with the involvement of local authorities in order to make a step towards creating entrepreneurship incubators in the future.


Expected results

Through this project the partnership will make an introduction in entrepreneurship to the regions involved that it is expected to force some positive change in the local communities and will cultivate entrepreneurial mindset among them. In addition, the project works towards the direction of creating a path to awareness of not only individuals as potential entrepreneurs, but also local authorities as the main actors that can support and actually direct actions towards this change. In this way, individuals will be familiar with the benefits of been involved into entrepreneurial endeavor and authorities will become aware of the possibilities and procedures to be followed in order to help build a strong and supportive entrepreneurial community to foster growth.

The main actions that support the project aims include a series of training activities. First and foremost, the “train the trainers” activity which is an integral part of the project and aims to develop the participants skills in order to train future entrepreneurs on how to build their business models using the "Lean Startup" methodology. The next activity that is closely connected to the first one is the training of potential entrepreneurs in the partners’ regions, while the last one includes the training of representatives of local authorities so as to get an insight and explore the possibilities, actions and future collaborations in order to support entrepreneurship in their regions.  



The project will run from September 2014 to August 2016