Multiplier event of STARTUP project at Faculty of Economics, Law and Administrative Sciences, by Petru Maior University of Tirgu Mures.

  • Κυριακή, 03 Απριλίου 2016 00:00

Presentation of the STARTUP Platform. The conference/multiplier event was held in Mures, Romania on the 29th March. The objective of the conference was to present the project “Spread the Art of Going Up – STARTUP”, along with the STARTUP Platform.

The presentation focused on the STARTUP Platform and the steps of “how to get to the courses”, issues of interest for the students attending the conference. There was a short introduction to the Lean Startup method used in the training activities of the project and all those interested were invited to access the STARTUP platform ( where they could view online courses and materials used in analyzing business ideas. Moreover, the students participating in the event “Spread the Art of Going Up - STARTUP WEEKEND” had the possibility to express their opinions and impressions about the activity they took part in.

The conference was attended by a total of 32 participants, among whom there were representatives of the local authorities, students from UPM and press representatives. The mixed profile of the participants significantly contributed in the discussion on the possibility of achieving collaboration between local authorities, academic and business environment to support entrepreneurship and young entrepreneurs.


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